This sprawling oak provides a shady setting for the pro shop of the Hallettsville Golf Course. It is a cool place to park. The two main limbs emerge separately out of the ground from a submerged trunk, making this tree appear as if it were two.


A young Indian named Pocket was hanged from this tree on September 12, 1879. He had killed an Englishman named Leonard Hyde earlier that year with a single shot from a revolver. Hyde’s family wrote from Brighton, England that the English viewed Texas “as a place of great danger,” and that instead of offering the Indians a cash reward to disclose the whereabouts of the fugitive Pocket, the family would offer the Indians a double barreled shotgun, which, they wrote in frustration, would be a “greater inducement than money” for them to give up Pocket. When Pocket was finally captured, he confessed “I killed that fellow Hyde, and I reckon they will stretch my neck for it when I get down to Lavaca County.”