29°42'41.0"N 98°08'10.0"W      Founder's Oak I,    2014    30 inches x 41.25 inches,     Mixed-media on paper         

29°42'41.0"N 98°08'10.0"W Founder's Oak I, 2014
30 inches x 41.25 inches, Mixed-media on paper



This live oak located in Landa Park has grown so burdened by the heft and sprawl of its limbs that it can barely support them. The tree is over 300 years old and has witnessed the history of Spanish missions, the emigrant routes of the Camino Real, and the commercial beginnings of the town of New Braunfels at the nearby Comal Springs. Its gnarled limbs rest on a pillar of white bricks, a cane of sorts, an elderly denizen of the tranquil park.